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Sabhi helps businesses be more confident in their customers by painlessly linking customer accounts to verified government documents.

Sabhi IDOS scanning selfie video for identity verification
National Identity Card with DetailsDocument Scan Details and Verification
Selfie Recording Screen for VerificationSelfie Verification and Details
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Manage all data in one place

All the tools to verify and onboard new users faster and secure, present in an easy to use and custom-tailored dashboard. Managing customer data has never been this easy.

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Secure identity verification

Ensure all customers on your platform are real and protect your business from fakes, copycats and fraudulent elements, meanwhile keeping real customers data safe and secure.

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Easy and super fast onboarding

Onboarding made simpler - Just a few clicks and you're ready to onboard pre-authenticated users in seconds. Save time for your business and your customers.

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Stronger and cheaper KYC

Know your customer at a lower cost and higher confidence. We offer the most value in terms of reliability of data vs cost. Never be afraid of taking on more customers.

Sabhi Identity OS Verification Link Screen on MobileSabhi Identity OS ID Card Scan Screen on MobileSabhi Identity OS Selfie Verification Screen on MobileSabhi Identity OS Verification Success Screen on Mobile
Sabhi Identity OS Verification Link Screen on MobileSabhi Identity OS ID Card Scan Screen on MobileSabhi Identity OS Selfie Verification Screen on MobileSabhi Identity OS Verification Success Screen on Mobile

How it works

All your customer needs is an ID and their face on any device to verify their true identity in seconds. Integrate seamless, bank-level identity verification into your website, app, or checkout with just a few lines of code.

State-of-the-art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence coupled with a human-centric customer experience ensures a fast, secure and fool-proof mechanism for customer identification in a few steps.

Document Verification

Required: Customer ID

We scan the customer’s ID, extract intrinsic details and detect whether it’s genuine or fraudulent, down to a single pixel.

Face / Liveness Detection

Required: Customer Selfie

Anchor a user’s account in their real identity—their photo ID and their face. The user takes a selfie or a short video. Our technology checks their facial biometrics match those on the photo ID, and that the person presenting it is live and the genuine owner.

AI Score Generation

Sabhi Shanakht

Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and trained artificial intelligence generates a confidence score based on the customer's ID and face.

Fraud / AML Detection

Sabhi Baseerat

Our hybrid model uses a combination of AI and human experts. That’s how we deliver the speed and consistency of automation, plus the accuracy and expertise of a human team.

Step 5

Verified and Onboarded

Client Dashboard

With your customer's granular and accurate data, you can now make smart decisions about onboarding, approving or rejecting the customer's application with a single click. Easy peasy.

Integrate to your website, app or checkout with our easy to use APIs and SDK tools

We have worked tirelessly to create easy to setup custom SDK tooling and API integrations. Your business wont miss a beat and your customers will thank you for it.

Explore our powerful and easy to use APIs.

We agonize over the right abstractions so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating identity software. See our API Documentation for more details.

Javascript code for integration of Sabhi API

Designed for the modern dev’s workflow

Combine our capture SDK with the development tools you already love to prototype ideas and launch a production-ready system in minutes, not months.

How Sabhi SDK integration works

Meet the team that cares about your business

Meet our founders who first envisioned Sabhi and have brought it to life to serve businesses like yours.

Portrait photo of co-founder HamzaCEO Hamza Nametag

Hamza gives the team a vision into the future and insight into business needs, so they can help him implement it more effectively.

Portrait photo of co-founder BilalCXO Bilal Nametag

Bilal provides creative direction to the team and ensures Sabhi remains user-centric yet flexible and customized for your business.

Portrait photo of co-founder SaadCTO Saad Nametag

Saad helps our development run like clockwork with his vast and in-depth knowledge about development frameworks.

Portrait photo of co-founder FaysalCRO Faysal Nametag

Faysal leads sales & operations, and is responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of marketing through revenue management

Sabhi Identity OS employee Ahad
Sabhi Identity OS employee Ameer
Sabhi Identity OS employee Javaria
Sabhi Identity OS employee Ehtisham
Sabhi Identity OS employee Ahad
Sabhi Identity OS employee Rusham
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Sabhi Dev Support

The Sabhi development and support roster is an exclusive, flexible and dynamic team of experts that assist your business whenever your require it.


Frequently asked questions

Is the Sabhi application free to use?
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Yes, for users there is no charge to control and manage their logins & documents

How do I know my documents are secure?
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Sabhi is built using end-to-end encryption and modern cryptography, so your users can be sure that only they can access their data. Verified information and documents are only accessible to the rightful owner and those they choose to share them with.

What is the pricing for developer tools?
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There are limited free features to get you started. For teams looking to use the full suite of features, we provide tiered options charging per API call. If you have lots of uses (congratulations) contact us to get a custom quote.

When can I access Sabhi?
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We are in closed beta. Contact us to be part of of our closed beta via 

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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